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Greek Cup 2016-17

The Greek Cup Semi Finals (season 2016-17)

The results of the draw for the Greek Cup Semi Finals A draw for the Greek Cup Semi Finals 2016-17 took place earlier today at the...
Super League Greece Previews

Platanias – Iraklis: Super League Greece (2016-17) Day 25

Home strength (Platanias) vs. motive (Iraklis). The results of the Sunday matches were satisfactory as 4/4 of the main betting picks yesterday were accurate. Please do...
Super League Greece Previews

Super League Greece (2016-17) – Day 25

PAOK and Panathinaikos need a win today It’s been a while since the last update. Although I have been watching Super League closely (as usual)...

Our best wishes for a happy new year 2017

I do not know about you but I was looking forward to see 2016 coming to an end. It was a stressful year I...
Greek Cup 2016-17

Goals and highlights from Round 1 (Cup 2016-17)

OFI and Sparti move to Round 2 The First Round of the Greek Cup Tournament was held this week. Neos Acharnaikos, OFI, Panaigialeios and Sparti...
Hellenic Football Federation

Greek Soccer update: So, what is going on?

Not much but a lot more than usual. Six months is a lot of time to stay away from updates. I was a lot busier...

Preview: Greek Cup Semi Finals

Double matches, away goals rule I you noticed some of my comments in the previous article about the Greek Cup Semi Finals, then you already...
Greek Cup 2015-16

Greek Cup: The four candidates

The Semi Finals are finally here. I was too busy in February and I had to leave you on your own at the Quarter Finals...
Super League Greece Previews

Atromitos – Iraklis 1908: Preview (2015-16 Day 24)

Beware of the midweek Cup match… The match Atromitos - Iraklis 1908 would be different in terms of odds if the home team did not...
Super League Greece Previews

Brief Previews: Super League (Day 24 – Sunday)

All eyes on AEK and Panathinaikos… Four more matches will be held today for Day 24 of Super League Greece. Needless to say the rivalry...