Friday, February 26, 2021
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Feel free to contact us for anything you may need. We try to answer all messages within 24 hours.

Advertising: We are willing to discuss any advertising opportunities but before sending your message keep the following thing in mind:

We are not interested in any affiliate program associated with commissions on the loss of punters we may refer to online bookmakers. We are totally aware this is a great opportunity for quick money but we do not urge people to bet. We just try to help those who already do, make the most profitable choices.

Link exchange: We are interested in a link exchange with any site as long as your website is online long enough to help us determine the quality of your content. We do not promote sites that offer no service other than filling their pages with bookmaker banners.

Finally, we do not promote websites that offer paid tips. It is our opinion that if someone is profitable (like we see in the ads all over the web) then there is absolutely no reason to charge people who need their advice. So far, I have heard two main arguments from paid tipsters on this matter:

The first is they keep their services paid because the odds change when too many people bet on the exact same pick. If the paid tipsters do this to protect themselves, it is a ridiculous excuse as they can bet on their picks BEFORE letting their readers know about them. The only case we partially accept this is IF they actually try to protect the ones that follow them although I really doubt this is the case.

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