There is still hope for Greek soccer (?)

I do not know how many of you watched a video from the Greek Football League which went viral about three weeks ago. It was an embarassing moment which raised a lot of negative publicity. That day, I saw something negative and I shared it because I try to be as objective as I can. Today things are different thanks to Chania. I was pleased to discover an amazing fair play moment took place in the same league last Saturday (12/12/15) at Zakynthos’ Olympic Ground.

One of the best fair play moments EVER in Greece

Zakynthos is a Football League club that is not doing so well this season (17th place in a league of 18 teams). They are already involved in relegation battle and they were facing Chania at home. Keep in mind Chania are not so safe either as they are only 4pts away from danger in this difficult league.

Zakynthos was on the lead by 2-1 when Tsoutsis (Chania) scored the equalizer (2-2) at 57’ without any knowledge that his opponents were just looking and waiting for him to apply the fair play rule. Naturally, the players of Zakynthos complained and the two teams spent some time arguing (NOT fighting as you will see on the video).

To my great surprise, the players of Chania agreed their goal was not fair and allowed Zakynthos to take the lead again (3-2) without any resistance (take the video to 4:09).

For the record, the home team did not manage to win. Chania scored again to set the final score (3-3) and ended up with one point instead of three. Thumbs up for them as they showed they did not want a win at all cost.

Thumbs up for Zakynthos and their supporters as well. In less important instances we (Greeks) have seen riots in venues of Football League. The home team and their fans complained (natural) but they knew there was a limit to it. Unlike the armies of hooligans that top clubs want to support and finance…

PS 1: I wonder if there are any bookies who will refuse to pay the winning bets of this match.

PS 2: Zakynthos and Chania scored six goals this weekend… At the same time 16 Super League clubs scored a total of 9 goals in 8 matches (making most of our previews and the time spent on them worthless)…

PS 3: After this crazy weekend in both leagues, I feel it is about time I start writing a few things about Football League again. Like I said, there is still hope…

PS 4: The video was uploaded on YouTube by Mike Loupnikis our only source for Football League highlights. You can find his channel here.


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