Have you watched the latest viral video of shame?

I guess some of you may wonder why I constantly neglect to write deep analysis in Football League Greece. The main reason is (probably was) the behavior of the bookmakers; they wait until that last 24 hours (if not 12) to offer their odds. Believe me when I say the majority of them do not even bother to do so. Do I blame them? Of course not. Things are too vague in this competition and no one wants to risk payouts from people who have better access to inside info.

Since I launched this website, I keep having this problem. How can I possibly publish my article almost 12 hours before the first sets of odds are offered? You see, I do need the odds to recommend probable value bets…

I kept blaming the bookies because I could not understand how companies with unlimited access to info and resources (such as them) have the second division of other countries (Austria, Portugal, Italy etc) and not Football League included in their betting coupons. It is time to admit I was wrong. Very wrong.

It was not their fault. Let’s face it. Greeks are just too primitive to be analyzed. Before you press the play button on the following video, imagine yourself as a bookmaker. You have your offices, your employees, you constantly process every bit of information you can find to add one more competition to your customers. And you keep bumping into viral videos (yeah there are many many many more) like this:

Honestly now, would you take this league seriously? By the way, this incident took place at the home game of Larissa against Ergotelis. The home team was down by one goal and player Koutris (Ergotelis) was unlucky enough to get injured while Larissa was in a hurry to score the equalizer…For the record, they turned the match around with two late goals.

I hope they are proud of the three points they got and how they will be remembered in this game…


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