OPAP and Super League Greece did not reach an agreement for the sponsorship of the next season on Monday and, as a consequence, the board of Football League Greece decided to postpone the draw once again.

To make things short this is what is happening:

The board of Super League has specific demands in return for the addition of two clubs (four promotion and two relegation places) next season. On Monday’s meeting with OPAP there were specific demands regarding the duration and the amount of the new sponsorship. The two sides failed to agree but they were supposed to meet again today.

The board of Football League has made clear that the addition of Iraklis, Kavala, and Olympiakos Volou will be accepted only if four teams will be promoted and two relegated to Super League next season. As long as OPAP and Super League do not reach an agreement there is no point to proceed to the draw for the new season.

At the same time the runners up of Football League 2, Oikonomos Tsaritsanis (Economos), sent a letter to the chairman of the board of Football League, asking to be included in the new season as a solution to one of the problems that came up with the changes in the season’s structure. The participation 21 clubs practically means that one team must be free of obligations every week, that is why they are willing to be promoted as well. It sounds like a good and fair solution (especially for the players) but it will complicate things more regarding the sponsorships.

It is obvious things are still vague regarding the addition of the three clubs and the draw for the new season and I try to filter the news so you can have an idea of what is going on. There is too much pressure for closure from all sides involved and hopefully all problems will be solved soon. Unfortunately the new date of the draw is not known yet.


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