Mr. Kougias, the chairman of Panachaiki, was furious at the referee of the match mainly because of two of his decisions. The second yellow card at Ntinas (68’) that left his team with 10 players and a penalty kick that was not given to Panachaiki at 89’.

In the press conference that followed (which was not attended by the coach or any of the players), Mr Kougias made a lot of accusations.

I cannot reproduce the content of his interview because there are serious allegations about a predetermined outcome for the Playoffs on which I have no evidence.

In the following video you will be able to see for yourself whether Mr. Kougias is right or not for the penalty that was not awarded to Panachaiki. Just take it forward to 1:34 and you will see the player of Panachaiki falling from two different angles of the camera.


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