The Playoffs of the Football League were delayed because the match of Kallithea vs. Iraklis Psachnon was under investigation by UEFA. Like expected no evidence were found implicating the two clubs. So far I have never heard of a match being fixed over the win of the strongest team for an over result that was statistically probable anyway. Kallithea’s chairman is still furious with the implication of his team in this scandal only a few days before the playoffs and he seems determined to go after the people that started this story.

The Playoffs were finally announced yesterday. The opening day is on Wednesday 13th June with the first match at 18:00 and the second at 20:00. The match days after the draw:


Wednesday 13/6/12

Panachaiki – Platanias

Kallithea – Kalloni

Monday 18/6/12

Kallithea – Panachaiki

Kalloni – Platanias

Thursday 21/6/12

Panachaiki – Kalloni

Platanias – Kallithea

Sunday 24/6/12

Platanias – Panachaiki

Kalloni – Kallithea

Wednesday 27/6/12

Panachaiki – Kallithea

Platanias – Kalloni

Saturday 30/6/12

Kalloni – Panachaiki

Kallithea – Platanias


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