The second match day of the Playoffs is approacing and things are still tensed in Panachaiki. The chairman of the club Mr. Kougias, is still complaining for the performance of the referee (Mr. Abarkiolis) in the home match against Platanias, and started a war of press releases against the chairman of the Hellenic Football Federation Mr. Pilavios and the chairman of Kalloni, Mr. Michalakis.

Mr. Michalakis answered with a new press release saying they have had enough with the accusations by Mr. Kougias and that maybe it is time for the soccer authorities to do something with his behavior. On Friday Mr. Kougias was prosecuted and at the same time he stated that he is about to suit Kalloni for slandering. It was only a few days ago, while Kallithea was under investigation for the possibility of a fixed match against Iraklis Psachnon, when Mr. Kougias exchanged some hostile press releases with the chairman of Kallithea Mr. Salevris.

Last Friday Kallithea sent a letter to the Secretary General of Sports Mr. Bitsaxis, expressing their fears that the supporters of Panachaiki will try to attend Monday’s match despite the fact that supporter movements are forbidden in the Playoffs. That is why they asked him to do whatever necessary to protect the team.

The tense is vivid between Panachaiki and two of their Playoffs opponents. Only Platanias is keeping a low profile at the moment and seem concentrated on the promotion. Let’s just hope that no matter who the winner of the Playoffs will be, we will not witness any riots between the fans. The situation in the Greek society is already tensed by the crisis and things could get really bad in no time.


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