The results on fifth day of the Playoffs were enough to determine the team that wins the third promotion place to the Super League. The results:

Platanias vs. Kalloni 3-0

Panachaiki vs. Kallithea: 2-1

Platanias is the winner of the Playoffs. Even if they lose in their last match and Panachaiki wins, they still hold their first place after having won in both of their matches. It is a great moment for the team from Crete that has never participated in Super League (or A’ Ethniki as it was called in the past) since the day they were founded in 1931.

Platanias was promoted to Football League 2 for the season 2009-10 and they finished in the 12th place. In season 2010-11 they took the 5th place but they were promoted to Football League after the relegation of other teams involved in the match fixing scandal.

In their first season in Football League they amazed everyone with their performance in the first round. Despite the delay in the beginning of the season, and the consecutive matches needed to make up for the lost time, Platanias had an outstanding performance of 12 wins, 4 draws and one loss. They failed to keep up in the second round with 5 wins, 5 draws and 7 losses in 17 matches. However their points were enough to enter the playoffs where they had an excellent start and finally managed to get the first place.

Here is an amazing story I read in the official website of Platanias. Their colors (red and white) were chosen in 1942 for the Cup Final against Talos (another team of the area). In order to make the suits needed for the match, some people from Platanias stole flags from a Nazi’s warehouse. The seamstresses of the village turned them into shorts and t-shirts and it is said that the red has remained as a team color since then.


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