Only one day is left for the playoffs and the big question is whether the teams were influenced by the delay in the opening day or not.

Kallithea and Panachaiki will have their first match at home but they have some important absences (especially Panachaiki). Kalloni and Platanias, were the two pleasant surprises of Football League. They will try to take advantage of any weakness so they can to steal some away points.

In fact, Platanias should be more motivated to do so; they will have to play two consecutive away matches first with Panachaiki (13/6) and then with Kalloni (18/6). The team will not return to Maleme before the end of the second match day and I am sure that the last thing they want is having 0 points by then.

You may see our views on the matches by choosing the option Playoffs under the Football League category of the menu.


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