Football League Greece Previews
Football League Greece Previews

Waiting for EPO

Most of you may wonder why I stayed away from any new articles for nine days. One of the things which I wrote nothing about was the postponement of Day 6 in Football League last weekend. The reason was simple; things were (and are) complicated and everything is changing from day to day. After all, this website is not a news agency and I am not a reporter. I will just try to give you a short version for some of the things which took place into five parts:

Part A (12/11/14): Postponement of six matches on Day 6

Last Monday (17/11/14) was a holiday for the educational establishments in Greece because of the 41st anniversary rally of the Athens Polytechnic uprising (1973). The authorities were alerted because every year clashes take place between the demonstrators, anarchists and the police. This time the police refused to send any man power to the matches held the weekend before in Football League. I cannot recall anything similar happening in the past but I must say I do not blame them. The financial crisis has made Greeks very unpredictable especially after the rise of the Golden Dawn party.

On 12/11/14, the Deputy Minister of Culture and Sports, Mr. Ioannis Adrianos, decided to support the demand made by the police by cancelling six out of the twelve matches.

Part B (14/11/14): Postponement of Day 6 in total

The postponement of the six matches triggered scenarios for the cancellation of Day 6. Some of the officials thought it was unfair to force half of the teams to play in a different date, most probably in midweek matches. The assault to the vice president of refereeing committee (KED, Greek acronyms) Christoforos Zografos (13/11/14), was followed by the decision of the Hellenic Football Federation (EPO) to cancel all sports activities (professional and amateur) indefinitely. I remind you Super League was on a break anyway because of the Euro 2016 Qualifiers. On 14/11/14 EPO made an official announcement on this matter.

Part C (18/11/14): The decision of the board

The officials and coaches of Football League had a meeting last Tuesday (18/11/14) where they decided to ask EPO to assign referees for the matches held this weekend. The regulations dictate that the referees assigned to each match must be announced 48 hours before kickoff. This means the first match, which is always held on Friday, will probably move to a new date. Given the circumstances exceptions can be made.

Part D (19/11/14): The signed statement

The chairman of EPO, Mr. Sarris, stated on Wednesday that no action will be held this weekend unless all clubs (Super League and Football League) send a signed statement that a) they want the authorities to act immediately for the assault against Zografos AND b) that they agree that all media must not make or host any negative comments concerning the performances of referees.

Two Super League clubs (PAOK and Panathinaikos), have refused to sign this statement mainly because they find the second part unconstitutional.

Part E (20/11/14): New press release by EPO

Only a few minutes ago, a press release in the official website of the Hellenic Federation informed us no action will be held this weekend. According to it, nothing has changed since the previous statement on 14/11/14 the decision for not assigning referees to all professional and amateur competitions (Super League, Football League and Football League 2) is still active.


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