The chairman of the Football League Mr. Spyros Kalogiannis was interviewed by the national radio station ERA Sport last Friday. He announced that the council unanimously accepted his proposal to start discussions first with the Hellenic Football Federation (EPO) and then with UEFA to postpone a match for 48 hours in cases of suspicious movements in the betting industry.

Mr. Kalogiannis said that if there are ways for UEFA to be informed about such matters before kick-off then Football League should be informed as well to stop the match before being in need of further investigation. This way clubs and players will be protected from being implicated to such incidents like the recent match of Kallithea vs. Iraklis Psachnon.

For the record, I remind you that despite the investigation in that match, no evidence was found implicating neither the clubs or the players and staff in suspicious activities. Unfortunately, after last year’s scandal for fixed matches, a new “stain” was left on both Greek soccer and the Football League and I doubt it will be forgotten that easily.


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