Both Super League and Football league were traumatized after the fixed matches’ scandal. The season started later because some of the clubs that were punished by being expelled from their leagues, filed an appeal and won.

For Football league, the season finally started in October but the financial problems for most of the clubs were more than ever before. Because of the crisis of the Greek Economy, investors were reluctant to risk any money while at the same time banks refused to issue new loans. For the same reasons most sponsorships were reduced or delayed. There is a saying in Greek which says in free translation “you get exactly what you paid for”. And this is exactly what we got this season.

          The first club that collapsed was Diagoras. Just a few days before Match Day 15 they were expelled because of debts to former players. The second team that followed Diagoras out of the Football League was Ethnikos Asteras; same story but different Match Day (24th). Both clubs did their best to raise money and cover their debts so they would continue the season but it was impossible. After the last decisions, all their remaining matches were granted as wins for their opponents with a 3-0 a fact that brought changes to the rankings.

            The season ended in May with Panthrakikos and Veria having ensured their promotion to the Super League for next season. The followers, Kallithea, Panachaiki, Platanias and Kalloni were about to start their playoff struggle for the third promotion place but a new problem appeared. UEFA has Kallithea under investigation for a suspicious match that (according to them) was fixed. The match was Kallithea – Vyzas Megaron and UEFA investigators have asked the Greek authorities to prosecute a list of people involved in it. Until we reach a verdict the playoffs will have to wait.


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