The UEFA investigation for the match of Kallithea against Iraklis Psachnon made me wonder. We all know that the technology nowadays is a big help. UEFA can find out immediately if there are strange movements in the betting industry and, depending on the evidence gathered, they prosecute the people involved.

But is this is a rule for all the teams? What defines whom they will prosecute? Bets on a strange result like the win of an underdog? Bets on an exact score or a HT/FT result?

                My reasons for asking are simple. I am having difficulty believing that Kallithea’s match in question would involve so many people willing to risk their profession and reputation for a fixed OVER result. It just sounds ridiculous. As far as I have seen Kallithea’s home scoring average was almost 2 goals per match anyway, while at the same time, Iraklis Pscachon was a difficult opponent when playing away for anyone. Their average away scoring performance was below one goal per match just like their defensive performance. Kallithea has been very offensive when playing at home all year. Was it so strange that both teams scored a total of 3 goals? What was the total sum of the bets on this match that made it suspicious?

                Obviously we will have to wait to see the evidence that will be announced. Until then, I have the right to consider this match less suspicious than others with a 3-3 or a 4-4 score by European first class teams that literally contradicted their stats and gave the bookmakers (and maybe a few “ghost hunters”) hundreds of thousands of euro in only 90 minutes. And at the same time, I sincerely hope that UEFA investigates all the suspicious matches, not just the Leagues that are not top selling products.


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