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The rivalry battle of Volos

The domestic rivalry battle of Volos will get most of the attention on Match Day 9. The home team has won the away match of the first round and both teams are expected to be after the win today for their own reasons. The players of Niki Volou want to keep their first place in the standings while Olympiakos Volou will be after the first win after 7 matches that will allow the team to get closer to promotion placement.

The previews and betting picks for Day 9:


Chania got a very important win in the last away match against Psachna (1-2) with a late goal of Pangalos at 90’. It was their first away win in the Playoffs against the only team that was still undefeated at the time and it has boosted the morale of the players. Mr. Seropyan will now look for a new win against Kassiopi which will allow Chania to get closer in a top three placement.

Kassiopi comes from an away draw against Olympiakos Volou (0-0). The players of Mr. Grigoriou expanded their undefeated streak to five matches (1W-4D-0L) proving once again they will concentrate on the draw if they cannot win a match. Their results might not be what the fans want but so far they are enough to keep in a top 2 placement. The match against Chania will not be easy but they will be after the three points that may even get them to the first place in case Niki Volou will not win today.

Betting Pick: 1X Double Chance @ 1.75

The last away win has boosted the morale of Chania. The team is more reliable at home (2W-0D-1L in the Playoffs, 8W-4D-1L in regular season) and they will resist today. I do not understand why the bookies favor Kassiopi so much especially when they have only two wins after eight matches (2W-4D-2L).


Iraklis got a very important away win against Fostiras (0-1) which expanded their undefeated streak to five matches (2W-3D-0L). Their next two matches will be held at home (Psachna, Chania) and if they will manage to win both of them they will be much closer in their goal of promoting to Super League.

Iraklis Psachnon lost the last home match against Chania (1-2) with a late goal at 90’. This was the first defeat of the club in the Playoffs (3W-4D-1L) but there is still home they will succeed in their goal of promotion at the end. The players of Mr. Grafas need to get some away wins as only two of the remaining six matches will be held at home.

Betting Pick: The win of Iraklis 1908 @ 1.90

I would expect the home win to be a bit higher especially when Psachna have been defeated only once in the Playoffs. The home team has been more reliable at home this season (2W-2D-0L in Playoffs, 10W-1D-2L in regular season) and they seem to overcome their weak start after their two consecutive wins against Niki Volou (1-0) and Fostiras (0-1).


Note: This match is a domestic rivalry battle. Niki Volou won in the first round (0-1) after a tensed match that was characterized by the bad behavior of Olympiakos’ fans.

Niki Volou returned to wins in the last away match against Aiginiakos (0-1) and kept the first place in the standings. The players of Mr. Vosniadis will now look for a win against the hated opponent that will allow them to keep leading the standings and push Olympiakos further away from a top three placement.

Olympiacos Volou comes from a new draw, this time at home against Kassiopi (0-0). This was the fourth consecutive draw for the players of Mr. Pantelis who still seeks his first win at the bench of the club (0W-4D-1L) and the third consecutive time the score 0-0 appeared. A win against Niki Volou can boost the morale of the team for the remaining matches bringing them back in a top three placement for good.

Betting Pick: The win of Niki Volou @ 2.55

The overall stats of the home team in the Playoffs (4W-2D-2L) compared with the ones of Olympiakos Volou (1W-4D-3L) make the home win a value bet. I do not like what I watch from Olympiakos Volou so far and I am not convinced they can get a top three placement despite their +6 points.


Fostiras was defeated in the last match against Iraklis (0-1) and the dream of promotion is almost lost. The bad news is there are too many absences reported for Mr. Mathijssen because of injuries and suspensions. Only 14 players are available for the next difficult match.

Aiginiakos lost at home from Niki Volou (0-1) showing scoring difficulties for one more match. For some strange reason the players of Mr. Nikolaidis lack the confidence that got them in the Playoffs and they have not scored in the last five matches. They have been away from wins for six matches (0W-3D-3L) and today’s match against Fostiras looks like the last chance to revive.

Betting Pick: The win of Fostiras @ 2.35

Both teams are aware that a possible draw will kill all their hopes for a comeback. The home team has too many absences but they are characterized by their good defense as they have not received more than one goal in the Playoffs. The scoring difficulties of Aiginiakos tell me that if there is one team to choose for winning this match is Fostiras.


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