Super League Greece
Super League Greece

Three days more

The way things have turned out at this moment in Football League Playoffs, I believe it is important to take a good look at the schedule of all clubs until the finish. Which are the teams that will have two of the remaining matches held at home? Which are the ones with a relatively easier schedule? These two questions can make a huge difference in our profits.

The panorama of matches until the end:

TeamPtsDay 12Day 13Day 14
Kassiopi22PsachnaIraklis 1908Aiginiakos*
Niki Volou20FostirasPsachna*Iraklis 1908
Iraklis Psachnon18Kassiopi*Niki VolouFostiras*
Olympiakos Volou18Iraklis 1908*AiginiakosChania*
Chania15Aiginiakos*FostirasOlympiakos Volou
Iraklis 190815Olympiakos VolouKassiopi*Niki Volou*
Aiginiakos13ChaniaOlympiakos Volou*Kassiopi
Fostiras9Niki Volou*Chania*Psachna

*Away matches

Ranking Criteria in case two clubs share the same points:

a) Points in their two Playoff matches

b) Goal difference in their two Playoff matches

c) Their placement in the standings during the regular season.


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