For the previews of the Greek Matches you may follow the links below.

Panachaiki vs. Kallithea

Platanias vs. Kalloni

Portugal vs. Spain

Spain is the favorite of the match and in theory but is this true? Where you satisfied with their performance in the match against Italy? Hmm…I guess that was the opening day. Ok, let’s forget it. What about their match against Croatia? Or even worst their match against France?

Portugal seemed to wake up a little (C. Ronaldo too) and I think they will resist more that the odds show. We cannot expect to see Spain at odds above 2.00 easily and the bookies would not offer us that pleasure. If I had the choice of a 2.15 on the win of Spain then I would think about it. But with the odds on 2.00 or below I will risk on the draw @ 3.40. Spain may qualify on overtime but I insist: they are not the team we knew so far in this Euro.

Germany vs. Italy

I was amazed to see both teams in their last matches. Germany seemed to speed up against Greece and demolished them with 4-2 while Italy needed a penalty shootout against England to reach the semi finals. I did not expect to see Italy performing that good though. If I recall correctly they had 34 shots! That was an amazing performance for a team who is famous only for their defense. On the other hand 0 goals after 34 shots is not something you should be proud of even if two of them hit the post. Germany is clearly the favorite of this match but there is still something that bothers me.

Germany scored 4 goals (it should have been more) but also managed to receive two goals by a team that has a goal average 0.7 or something. I definitely consider Italy to be better in offense than Greece and I will risk saying they are better in defense than Germany. I know it is a long shot but Italy did not have a problem to take the lead against Spain. Why should they have a problem doing the same against Germany? Especially now that we have seen them having that crazy and hungry look in their eyes… I will take Italy to win @ 5.00.

My Betting Slips:

DateMatchPickTotal Odds
27/6/12Panachaiki vs. Kallithea
27/6/12Platanias vs. Kalloni

DateMatchPickTotal Odds
27/6/12Portugal vs. Spain
27/6/12Germany vs. Italy

I will also risk on the following bets for HT/ FT:

Portugal / Draw @ 17.00

Spain / Draw @ 17.00

Italy / Italy @ 7.50

Draw / Italy @ 9.00

Italy / Germany @ 26.00

I consider all of these scenarios possible to happen. Played in doubles they give us 6 possible bets with the lowest win @ 127.5 and the highest @ 442.0. As I mentioned above I will bet on Italy but I decided to include the Italy/Germany HT/FT scenario only because of the high odds.

I wish you the best of luck in your choices no matter if you agree with mine or not.

Be[s]t Regards



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