The best defense of the league against the second worst

football-league-themeI know some of our friends were disappointed last week because I chose to stay away from Day 18 but it was impossible to find the time needed to comment on so many matches. The scheduled midweek action in Super League forced me to focus on the competition that I find more reliable. I have stated many times in the past that it is more difficult to gather reliable information on Football League where everything is more “vague”.

The nineteenth day in Football League opens today with one match where the best defense of Group 1, Iraklis Psachnon (9 goals received after 18 matches) will face at home the second worst, Vyzas (40 goals after 18 matches). You may not recall it but Vyzas has not actually won two matches this season, but one and it was their home match against Iraklis Psachnon on 04/11/13! For the record the second one was in Day 1 against Paniliakos where they lost by 1-2 but won after a decision of the league because their opponent had used a banned player. To the preview and betting pick:



Iraklis Psachnon has been defeated only once in their last twelve matches (5W-6D-1L) and they come from an important away win against Panachaiki (0-1) after a penalty kick at 90’. The officials of Panachaiki complained a lot for the referee and his decision while the coach of Iraklis, Mr. Grafas, stated he was pleased with the defensive behavior of his players against a very difficult opponent. Gemissis (MID/9), Ohandza (FWD/6) and Gbaguidi (FWD/14) are out because of injuries while Kritikos (FWD/18/5 goals) is banned.

Vyzas was easily defeated in the away match against Acharnaikos (3-0). They now have 10 defeats in their last twelve matches and they will need a miracle in the remaining 7 matches to avoid relegation. The financial problems still hold and the officials of the club are coping to raise the money needed for the financial and insurance clearance. If they fail the match will be not be held and the clubs will be in danger of point deduction and a fine. Mr. Ghoutis, the coach, is doing his best under the circumstances and he will have to wait until the last minute to find out if he will have 13 or 29 players available. The reason is that his 16 added players can participate ONLY if the club has got the clearances.

Betting Pick: The scores 2-0 @ 6.00 and 3-0 @ 6.50

No comparisons can be made between the two clubs. Miracles like the win of Vyzas against Psachna in the first round do not happen twice. The bookies do not offer us many options in this match and this is why I decided to use those two scores. The home team is not known for their offensive abilities so a clean sheet win by two or three goals should be enough to revenge even with three of their forwards out.


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