Greek Cup 2016-17
Greek Cup 2016-17

OFI and Sparti move to Round 2

The First Round of the Greek Cup Tournament was held this week. Neos Acharnaikos, OFI, Panaigialeios and Sparti played double matches to determine which two clubs will move to Round 2.

In case you are wondering why this round had only two matches, the reason is that the 34 teams (16 from Super League, 18 from Football League) must be reduced to 32. This is why a total of 4 Football League teams are randomly chosen for this stage. OFI and Sparti were the winners.

Here are the videos with the goals and highlights from their matches:

Goals and highlights: Panaigialeios – Sparti 0-4

(Wednesday 14/09/16, Venue of Panetolikos)

Goals and highlights: OFI – Neos Acharnaikos 0-0

(Wednesday 14/09/16, Theodoros Vardinogiannis, OFI’s venue)

Goals and highlights: Sparti – Panaigialeios 1-1

(Saturday 17/09/16, Municipal Stadium of Livadia, venue of Levadiakos)

Goals and highlights: Neos Acharnaikos – OFI 0-2

(Sunday 18/09/16, Stadium of Nea Smyrni, venue of Panionios)


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