Greek Cup had everything in just one day

Only four matches were enough to see it all today. Panathinaikos was like a ghost in the first half against Proodeftiki (Football League 2) who took the lead in the score early in the match (7’). The Greens improved in the second half, they scored twice (59’, 83’) and managed to avoid a new humiliating result.

Niki Volou tried but did not manage to win Panthrakikos (1-1) who scored first at 57’. A new defeat from Panthrakikos was out of the question for the home team who scored four minutes later and ended their journey in this competition.

Olympiakos was bored again and allowed Panachaiki to score first (4’). The goal woke up the Champions (and Cup holdrers) they took control of the match (70% ball possession) but were careless in their attempts. The second (very strict) yellow card at Voskopoulos made things more difficult for the home side. Olympiakos had to wait until 57’ to score the equalizer but the match was abandoned at 87’ because of riots between the supporters of both clubs.

The unexpected surprise of the day (I am glad to say not for this website) was Fostiras. The club from Football League 2 was a reminder of why people love soccer so much.

If everything in this sport was rational then the strong clubs would always win the weaker ones. It is highly possible that bookmakers would not even exist. But things are not like that at all. Soccer is a sport where a team can challenge another no matter how rich or strong they are.

A few days back, in the preview of the first match between the two clubs, I explained my reasons for choosing their win over Panionios. Today, I used a different betting approach but I was very clear in my thoughts.

Panionios is a stronger club and they proved with two quick goals (13’, 21’) and two attempts at the goalposts (12’, 44’) during the first half. The only problem is that they underestimated a club which carries the nickname “Killers of the Giants” since the 50’s. There is an expression (forgive me if I do not say this correct) that a show is not over until the fat lady sings. This is exactly what happened to Panionios tonight.

The players of the home team thought the match ended at the first half and they were not as good during the second. Fostiras had to open up and claim whatever they could. And guess what; they managed to score at a very critical point (78’) with Kampas (38 years old – scorer of the first match). Panionios was suddenly in need of a third and very stressful goal. The red card at Kampas for taking off his shirt after his goal (he already had a yellow card), gave the home team an extra advantage to set things straight. The only problem is that things do not always work this way. The players of Panionios tried hard with their opponents defending massively, they had three more chances to score but Fostiras was the team that qualified after the final whistle.

The “Killers of the Giants” will have one more chance in the Round of 16 to prove their nickname. Their opponent will be the winner of the pair PAS Giannina – Panserraikos.


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