Bomb of the Day
Bomb of the Day

Bookies do make mistakes

The main purpose of the Bomb of the Day is finding matches where a win is possible to come true in odds +4.00. Bookmakers consider a lot of variables until they offer their final odds and they would not get so rich if they were not usually right. My approach on underdogs is very simple. Every time the information I have collected (current form, important absenses,recent history, background info etc.) show a strong motive for the underdog I go after the huge odd.

Odds do not always tell the truth for a difficulty of a match and I am sure you know it. There must have been times when you did not bet on the win of the X team because 1.35 was too cheap and then you went on to find another favorite in similar odds. When I run into matches like this, I do not search for the next cheap favorite; I just bet on the underdog. It takes patience and a lot of time but it sure pays better.

Season 2016-2017


Season 2015-2016

28/02/166.00WPanionios – LevadiakosAway0-2
10/01/169.00LPAOK- PAS GianninaAway3-1

Season 2014-2015

10/05/157.30DPanionios – PAOKAway0-0
14/01/155.00LKalloni – PAOKHome1-2
11/01/157.00LXanthi – OlympiacosHome1-3
04/01/154.30DLevadiakos – ErgotelisAway1-1
14/12/147.00LPanionios – OFI CreteAway2-0
07/12/146.00WXanthi – PAOKHome4-2
05/12/145.50WIraklis Psach. – Apollon SmyrnisHome2-1
04/12/147.00LNiki Volou – Asteras TripolisHome0-2
09/11/146.00DLevadiakos – PlataniasAway0-0
09/11/1414.00LChania – KallitheaAway2-1
06/11/144.75LAsteras Tripolis – TottenhamAway1-2
29/10/145.50LAsteras Tripolis – KalloniAway2-1
19/10/146.00LPAOK – AtromitosAway2-1
18/10/146.00DAsteras Tripolis – PanetolikosAway1-1
28/09/145.00WLevadiakos – AOK KerkyraAway2-3
30/08/147.80DPanetolikos – OlympiacosHome1-1

Season 2013-2014

24/05/145.00LKassiopi – Iraklis Psach.Away1-0
07/05/145.00LPAOK – AtromitosAway3-0
30/04/147.00DPAOK – Asteras TripollisAway1-1
09/04/147.50LIraklis 1908 – FostirasAway1-0
30/03/149.00LLevadiakos – OFI CreteAway2-1
23/03/1410.00LKalloni – OFI CreteAway1-0
16/03/146.50WAsteras Tripolis – ErgotelisAway2-3
01/03/146.00WPanachaiki – FostirasAway0-1
23/02/1413.00LPAOK – PanthrakikosAway3-0
23/02/146.00LZakynthos – Doxa DramasAway3-0
23/02/1410.50LAtromitos – XanthiAway2-0
22/02/149.00LOFI Crete – OlympiacosHome0-4
16/02/144.50WZakynthos – Niki VolouHome2-0
16/02/145.00WVyzas Megara – GlyfadaAway1-3
16/02/148.00WChania – FostirasAway0-1
16/02/145.00LAcharnaikos – Asteras MagoulasAway1-0
13/02/146.00LApollon Smyrnis – PAOKHome0-3
08/02/1410.00DOlympiacos Volou – PanachaikiAway1-1
05/02/145.00DLevadiakos – Apollon SmyrnisAway1-1
02/02/145.50WPlatanias – PAOKHome2-1
26/01/144.50LPanthrakikos – PanioniosAway4-1
26/01/147.00DAsteras Tripolis – OFI CreteAway0-0
26/01/144.80LLevadiakos – ArisAway4-3
26/01/148.00LOlympiacos Volou – ChaniaAway2-1
26/01/147.50DGlyfada – FostirasHome0-0
22/01/146.00LAsteras Tripolis – OlympiacosHome0-1
18/01/145.00LPanetolikos – PanthrakikosAway3-1
17/01/146.00DChania – PanachaikiAway0-0
12/01/1413.00DAtromitos – OlympiacosHome0-0
12/01/146.50LOlympiacos Volou – Asteras MagoulasAway3-2
22/12/135.00WFokikos – Asteras MagoulasAway0-2
18/12/135.00LXanthi – OFI CreteAway2-1
18/12/1321.00LPanetolikos – PlataniasAway3-0
15/12/136.00LAsteras Tripolis – PanioniosAway1-0
15/12/1310.00LApollon Kalamarias – KavalaAway4-0
09/12/136.50DPanetolikos – PanioniosAway0-0
08/12/136.50LKalloni – PanathinaikosHome0-4
08/12/136.00DKallithea – Asteras MagoulasAway2-2
11/11/134.80DAsteras Tripolis – XanthiAway2-2
10/11/136.00WVeria – KalloniAway0-3
27/10/137.80LPanthrakikos – PAOKHome0-3
23/10/135.00DBenfica – OlympiacosAway1-1
19/10/1317.00LPlatanias – OlympiacosHome1-4
06/10/134.00LLevadiakos – KalloniAway1-0

Season 2012-2013

24/04/134.50DGazoros – ThrassyvoulosAway1-1
24/04/136.50LKavala – Vyzas MegaraAway1-0
14/04/1310.00LAris – Asteras TripolisAway5-1
10/04/135.50LFokikos – Apollon SmyrnisHome1-2
07/04/135.50DPierikos – KavalaAway1-1
22/03/134.33LBosnia Herzegovina – GreeceAway3-1
17/03/135.50DErgotelis – KalloniAway0-0
10/03/135.25LKallithea – Olympiacos VolouHome0-2
23/02/137.50LPanathinaikos – OFI CreteAway3-1
17/02/136.00LXanthi – OlympiacosHome0-2
27/01/135.25WPanetolikos – Iraklis Psach.Away1-2
26/01/135.50LAEK – OFI CreteAway2-1
14/01/135.65DIraklis 1908 – KallitheaAway0-0
13/01/134.00DPanionios – VeriaAway1-1
12/01/138.00LLevadiakos – OlympiacosHome0-1
29/12/1211.00LManchester U. – West BromwichAway2-0
20/12/127.50WAEK – Nea KavalaAway0-1
12/12/124.00DLarissa – Asteras TripolisHome0-0
09/12/124.50LFokikos – PierikosAway1-0
03/12/124.00LAEK – PAS GianninaAway2-1
29/11/124.00LTyrnavos – KerkyraHome0-2
28/11/125.00WFostiras – PanioniosHome1-0
18/11/124.30DXanthi – PanthrakikosAway0-0
12/11/124.75DKerkyra – PanathinaikosHome0-0
11/11/124.50LAtromitos – PanioniosAway1-0
04/11/126.50LAsteras Tripolis – PAS GianninaAway2-0
01/11/128.00LKavala – PanaigialeiosAway2-0
31/10/124.00WEthnikos Sidirokastro – TyrnavosAway1-4
15/10/124.50DOlympiacos Volou – KallitheaAway1-1
29/09/124.75LAtromitos – OlympiacosHome0-1
23/09/124.50DMancester City – ArsenalAway1-1
22/09/127.00LAsteras Tripolis – PlataniasAway2-1
31/08/127.00DCeará – GuaratinguetáAway1-1
19/08/124.30WLuzern – GrasshoppersAway0-2
14/08/128.00LJoinville – BragantinoAway1-0
04/08/127.50DHJK – VPSAway3-3
01/08/126.50DGoias – ABCAway1-1
31/07/126.00LDinamo Kiev – FeyenordAway2-1
29/07/124.75LKongsvinger – Ull KisaAway1-0
28/07/125.25LGefle – MalmoHome0-2
01/07/124.38LSpain – ItalyAway4-0
28/06/125.00WGermany – ItalyAway1-2
18/06/125.50LItaly – IrelandDraw2-0
10/06/125.25DSpain – ItalyAway1-1


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