Having in mind the recent matches by both teams I think that Greece has a phychological advantage after their amazing come back at the second half against Poland. Some of the players have already stated to the local media that the most important thing they have on their mind is NOT to repeat their poor performance of the first half. Avraam Papadopoulos is out because of injury and Papastathopoulos is banned for this match. Mr. Santos will definitely have to rearrange his defensive line.

Czech Republic is a mystery to me right now. I wonder whether they were really so bad in the opening day to deserve 4 goals. Maybe Russia was too strong but I guess we will soon find out. After that nightmare, I am sure the Czechs will not have to worry so much for their defense against Greece who has a hard time scoring anyway. I also wonder if they are still mad at us for Euro 2004… It is their chance to get back in the right track, but Greeks do not make life easy for anyone.

Both teams have had a very bad first half in their opening match and I am sure that this is the first thing they want to avoid. And this is exactly why I will bet on the halftime draw @ 2.00.


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