I am not going to tire you with a new analysis on this match. I am sure that every country has a lot of sports journalists doing that work on broadcast all over the world. However I have a comment for the referee; it is just too sad on matches like this to see a referee trying to be the star of the match. I am saying that he was pushing the home team. The man was too ignorant to do that.

Greece had a weak start and Poland deserved to be on the lead in the first half. In fact maybe as Greeks, we should thank God we had that referee, because our players felt more pressure and they realized they had to concentrate and give their best at the second half. The rest is history. Second half belongs to Greece that managed to score with 10 players. In fact there were moments when I was wondering whether Greece had 10 players or it was the other way around.

I carefully watched the comments of our players yesterday after the match and most of them were sad for the draw. If Karagounis had scored in that penalty and with Poland in a state of shock, the win would probably be sealed. What most people fail to understand about the Greek National Team (especially after the Euro 2004) is that the players have no limits in their minds about their abilities and what they can achieve. Also, they are totally aware that the team is above anything else (domestic rivalries, personal ambitions etc.) In fact most of the players were more upset about the injury of Papadopoulos and the suspension of Papastathopoulos than the result.

I know it is a risky thing to say, but I feel very confident that Greece will manage to qualify to the Round of 8, no matter who they will have to win.


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