I did my research and I came up with an interesting outcome. In the years of its existence, the Euro competition has not been so kind for the host teams on their first match. In a total of 13 matches, the host teams have 2 wins, 6 draws and 5 losses on regular time. Even If we consider the matches from 1980 competition (the participating teams were 8 and not 4 like the previous years and Groups were introduced) the outcome is 2 wins, 4 draws, 2 losses.

The list of matches:

2008 Switzerland vs. Czech Republic: 0-1

2004 Portugal vs. Greece: 0-1

2000 Belgium vs. Sweden: 2-1

1996 England vs. Switzerland: 1-1

1992 Sweden vs. France: 1-1

1988 West Germany vs. Italy: 1-1

1984 France vs. Denmark: 1-0

1980 Italy vs. Spain 1-1

1976 Yugoslavia vs. West Germany: 2-4 (after extra time)

1972 Belgium vs. West Germany: 1-2

1968 Italy vs. Soviet Union: 0-0 (Italy was appointed winner after the flip of a coin)

1964 Spain vs. Hungary 0-0 on regular time, 2-1 after extra time

1960 France vs. Yugoslavia 4-5

The extra motive of being the host of Euro and playing at home should have given us more home wins. I am sure that if we look each of the matches above separately, a variety of different reasons defined their outcome. The only thing that I can say is that I really hope this “curse” for the host teams will continue, at least for this competition.


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