Germany won this match easily, maybe more easy than many of us expected. The first half of the match was a total nightmare for the Greek defense and I will dare to say that the Germans took the lead in the score (with Lahm 39’) much later than they deserved.

The Greek team seemed to be a little improved on the second half; Samaras scored the equalizer at 55’ but Germany responded quickly and in only 13 minutes proved that they would not let anyone get in their way for the final. Khedira at 61’, Klose at 68’ and Reus at 74’ sent a message to all the teams of the quarter finals that their engines have warmed up. The goal of Salpiggidis after a penalty kick at 89’ only sweetened the final score.

It is a pity that our players failed to make things more difficult for the Germans. The goal of Samaras at 55’ raised our hopes but, to my eyes, the Greek team never reached their real defensive potential. There is no doubt that Germany was the favorite in this match and that tonight we would need a real miracle to make it to the overtime. I cannot really say what went wrong. Our players generally gave me the impression they were more afraid of the match than they should. Maybe it was just one low performance by them. I just think that they deserved to end their journey in this competition by making what they are best at: making the lives of stronger teams difficult with their teamwork and determination.

Another beautiful journey of the team that all the Greeks have in our hearts is over. There is no doubt in my mind there many more to come. I just have one more thing to say; thank you for the joys you have given us again boys, we really needed it.


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