There has been a lot of talk over the last few days over the mistakes of the Greek Squad and the coach Mr. Santos. It was obvious in the two matches so far that there was a defensive problem especially on the left wing of the team. After the defeat against Czech Republic the team and the coach have been talking a lot about what went wrong. Holebas, acknowledged today that he made important mistakes but he should not be held responsible for anything that went wrong.

The team has been avoiding press in order to concentrate more on the next match. According to a recent broadcast by the national television, their next practice will be open for the press for only 15 minutes. Mr Santos intends to make some changes and try out tactics to ensure his team will regain their solid defensive play needed for the match against Russia. Greece will make it to the next round only if they win but first they must ensure they will not receive any goal.

The Russians have everything on their side for this match. They have a better roster, a great coach, 4 points and they only need a draw to make it to the next round. The quality of the players and the mentality of Mr. Advocaat make me think that they will go after the win in this match. As long as the score is the draw anything unpleasant may happen during the match and I doubt they will let that happen.

The Russian Squad has also been avoiding press but for different reasons. The team was fined with 120.000€ and deducted 6 points from the Qualifiers of Euro 2016 competition. The reason was the inappropriate behavior of the Russian fans before the matches against Czech Republic and Poland. The Russian Soccer Union intends to file an appeal but this incident had brought negative attention to the team that is frustrating.

I have read a lot of articles about all this fuss around the Russian fans. The team is only a step away from the next round (and they deserve it) but I think a lot of people (the Polish authorities, maybe some of the UEFA officials) would be relieved to see them going home. I cannot wait to see what will happen.


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