Let’s hope UEFA will start investigating soon

I have every reason to feel good for surviving the Sunday matches with most of my alternative and relatively safer approaches getting paid in better odds. HOWEVER, I could not help noticing a “strange” result (or maybe two?). It was only yesterday I commented on the better goal difference Apollon Smyrnis had against Platanias. I do not believe there is a punter in Greece who did not bet on the win of Platanias today and it was logical from many aspects. However I consider the final score (7-0) a disgrace for both them and Kalloni.

I hope you do keep notes for future seasons because you will need to take one! Kalloni did Platanias a huge favor and there is not a single soul on earth to convince me otherwise. Platanias is now very close to having an advantage even in case they end up having the same points with Apollon at the end of the season. And do not forget they do have an easier schedule than Veria and Apollon anyway.

No, I do not have any proof this match was fixed but someone must be naïve to accept Platanias was transformed to Real Madrid in a week. Not only they scored 7 goals against a relatively tough team like Kalloni but they managed to keep a clean sheet as well! Wow… I sincerely hope UEFA will start investigating this match because the smell has reached Asia and America! Who do they think they are kidding?

I am aware the motive of survival can make a huge difference when a team is desperate of points especially at the end of the season. Aris, Veria, Platanias and Apollon were expected to improve in their fight to avoid relegation. They have no other choice. Especially when facing teams without motive (Panthrakikos, Panetolikos, OFI and others). This is normal and it happens everywhere in the world. However watching Kalloni lose by 0-3 with an extra player against Veria or receiving seven goals (even with 10 players) is a different story.

Someone could say that Platanias was in need of points and goals, they saw their chance and they took it. I strongly believe that if Kalloni is to be blamed for giving up this match, Platanias must be blamed as well. Not because they won but because they did not stop when they should. Even Real Madrid and Barcelona stop at five goals (although they can often score more) out of respect for the opponent.

To be honest I was quite fond of Platanias last season. My father was from Chania and I was pleased to see a team for that area in Super League. I have watched most of their matches over the last two seasons (not just highlights) and I liked their overall presence. Until this day; I am now convinced they are part of the rotten system which reminds us every single season that Greek domestic competitions become very “strange” especially as they come to an end.

Soccer is not just a sport during those last match days Greece. Clubs suddenly begin to socialize by giving points depending to their interests. I never lose hope this sickness will end some day but I am convinced I will have to wait for a long time to see it, unless UEFA does something drastic about it. Who knows, maybe I will get lucky to see that in my lifetime…

PS 1: I must tell you that I got a bit tired of the statements made by Mr. Vellis (owner of Apollon) over the last two weeks. He has not stopped talking about “forces” that want Apollon to relegate. He made a lot of negative comments for the away wins of Veria against Giannina (0-1) and Kalloni (0-3) or the home win of Platanias against Aris (2-1 with the winning goal scored by the linesman). I hate the way he over generalizes everything but most of his complains would at least be investigated in any other country.

PS 2: I went after a huge odd with the halftime/fulltime bet Levadiakos/Panionios @ 30.00 but I lost. The score 4-2 was paying a lot better…Hmmm…There is that strange smell again…

PS 3: A song dedicated to UEFA or anyone interested to HELP!


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