Super League Greece
Super League Greece

Confirmed changes for roster and staff

This article is updated with all changes that take place for Levadiakos during the summer transfer period for Season 2014-15. Our ONLY source are official press releases. You may click here if you wish to see the list of players of Levadiakos at the end of the last season.

Since then, the following changes have been confirmed:


Players In

12/06/14: Theodoros Moschonas (GK, born 3 December 1990, former player of Fostiras) signs with the club for 3 years.

27/06/14: Rubén Marcelo Gómez Garcia (MID) signs for 2 years.

04/07/14: Nikolaos Georgiadis (MID, former player of Veria) signs for 2 years.

09/07/14: Mekeme Ladji Tamla (also known as Zito) signs for 2 years. His last team was Maccabi Petah Tikva.

10/07/14: Contract extension (+1 year) for Evaggelos Mantzios (FWD).

11/07/14: Xavier Tomas (DEF) signs with the club. His last team was Tours FC and he was part of Levadiakos’ squad in season 2011-12.

14/07/14: Georgios Theos (MID) signs with the club for 3 years. His last team was Fokikos FC.

17/07/14: Josip Projić (DEF) signs for 2 years. His last team was FK Voždovac.

01/08/14: Konstantinos Pappas (MID) signs for 4 years. His last team was PAO Krousonas (Football League 2).

01/08/14: Petros Ghiakoumakis (FWD, born on 03/07/1992) signs a 5 year contract. His last team was Atsalenios (Football League 2).

05/08/14: Ádám Pintér (MID, born 12/06/1988) signs for 2 years. His last team was Tom Tomsk.

Players Out

21/05/14: Ilias Charalabous (DEF) and Pedro Sass Petrazzi (MID) left the club (free transfers).

12/06/14: Contract termination (mutual consent) for Georgios Labropoulos.

04/07/14: Contract termination (mutual consent) for Manolo Martínez (DEF), Kristiјan Miljević (free transfer, the player was on loan to Paniliakos) and Georgios Boudopoulos.


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