Super League Greece
Super League Greece

Confirmed changes for roster and staff

This article is updated with all changes that take place for Niki Volou during the summer transfer period for Season 2014-15. Our ONLY source are official press releases.

Since then, the following changes have been confirmed:


06/06/14: Coach Alekos Vosniadis left the club.

18/06/14: Wiljan Vloet (Dutch, born on 10/09/62), is the new head coach of the club (former club NEC).

Players In

18/06/14: Dimitrios Tairis (GK), Meche Neti, Ioannis Koreta (FWD) and Aggelos Argiris (MID) extended their contracts for +2 years.

18/06/14: Contract extension (+2 years) for Alexandros Bitsakos (DEF) and Konstantinos Hartsias.

18/06/14: Contract extension for Stylianos Tsoukanis (DEF/MID) for +3 years.

18/06/14: Vassilis Skourtis-Shkurtaj (FWD, born on 27/02/1992), Georgios Niklitsiotis (MID), Georgios Machlelis (DEF/MID, born on 10/05/91) and Robert Alexander P. Stambolziev (FWD, born on 26/10/1990) extended their contracts for +3 years.

26/06/14: Emmanouil Kallergis (MID) and Anastassios Kantoutsis (DEF, born on 23/05/1994, last team Kalamata) sign for 1 year. Both players are on loan from Atromitos FC.

26/06/14: Aristotelis Karasalidis (DEF, born on 03/05/1991, last team Paniliakos) signs for 3 years.

26/06/14: Nikolaos Gyftokostas (MID/FWD, born 01/07/1992) signs for 3 years.

26/06/14: The loan of Theodoros Papoutsogiannopoulos (DEF) from Atromitos FC is extended for 1 year.

26/06/14: Contract extension (+3 years) for Christos Tzioras (FWD).

30/06/14: Georgios Georgakopoulos (GK, on loan from Asteras Tripolis) and Alexandros Mouzakitis (FWD, on loan from Panathinaikos) join the club for 1 year.

30/06/14: Grigoris Kyziridis (FWD, former team OFI Crete) signs for 3 years.

30/06/14: Contract extension (+1 year) for Konstantinos Giotas (DEF).

08/07/14: Nikolaos Ghiannitsanis (FWD, on loan from Panathinaikos FC) joins the club for one year.

08/07/14: Konstantinos Kotsaridis (MID) signs a 3 year contract.

11/07/14: Jonas Ivens (DEF, born 14/10/1984) signs for 2 years. His last team was RKC Waalwijk (on a loan from FC Groningen).

01/08/14: Kees Luijckx (DEF, born 11/02/1986) signs for 2 years. His last team was Roda JC.

01/08/14: Alexis Tabakis (GK) and Evaggelos Anastassopoulos (MID) join the club for 1 year. Both players belong to Panathinaikos FC (loan).

01/08/14: Ioannis Sotirakos (DEF) signs a 3 year contract. The player was a member of Olympiakos U20 team.

07/08/14: Nikolaos Marinakis (DEF) joins the club. The player is on loan from Panathinaikos FC.

08/08/14: Rogério Martins (MID, former player of Levadiakos) signs for 1 year.

08/08/14: Ioannis Kadartzis (MID, born 06/08/1993) and Georgios Dimizas (GK, born 24/07/1994) join the club for 4 years.

Players Out

So far there have not been any official announcements for the players that left.


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