Super League Greece
Super League Greece

All their matches are cancelled

At 12:38 today, chairman Nikos Machlas officially announced OFI is out Super League. It is no secret the club from Iraklio is facing severe financial problems with the officials giving a huge fight to stay in Super League until the end of the regular season. They will now follow Niki Volou in Football League 2 and begin their planning for their return in the top league where they belong.

The teams that benefit

All their matches, including the one they had today against Giannina for Day 29 will be cancelled. Their opponents will be awarded winners with a 3-0 score like the regulations dictate. The teams that benefit from this unfortunate event are:

  • Day 29: Giannina
  • Day 30: Levadiakos
  • Day 31: Panionios
  • Day 32: Kalloni
  • Day 33: Platanias

The scheduled match for Day 34 against Niki Volou makes no difference in the standings that now include all awarded wins (for all teams) until the end of the season.


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