The match will start at 16:30

An important problem came up last Monday (25/03/13) for OFI. One of the light poles in Venue Theodoros Vardinogiannis fell because of the strong winds at the area. It was practically a miracle no one was injured. Keep in mind that the area where the poll fell is crowded every Monday because of a public market. This time no one was there because 25/03/13 is a national holiday for Greece. Only some damages were reported to one house and cars that were parked outside the stadium.

OFI came very close to using a neutral venue for the next home match against PAS Giannina but the problem was solved by setting a new kickoff time at 16:30. The match will practically start 45 minutes earlier and there will not be a need for lights at all.

If you want to see what happened last Monday at Venue Thodoros Vardinogiannis watch the following video. It is in Greek but the images that you will see are enough to understand how lucky the people of that area were.


Ο πεσμένος προβολέας στο γήπεδο του ΟΦΗ από martelis


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