Super League Greece
Super League Greece

Confirmed changes for roster and staff

This article is updated with all changes that take place for Panetolikos during the summer transfer period for Season 2014-15. Our ONLY source are official press releases. You may click here if you wish to see the list of players of Panetolikos at the end of the last season.

Since then, the following changes have been confirmed:


15/05/14: Coach Makis Chavos signs for one more year.

Players In

16/05/14: The contract of Dimitrios Koutromanos is extended for one year.

30/05/14: André Alves (FWD, full name André Alves dos Santos) signs for 1 year. The player was born on 15/10/83 in Brazil and his last team was Dubai CSC.

05/06/14: The contract of Emmanouil Stefanakos (GK) is extended for 2 years.

15/06/14: The contract of Rafael Bracalli (GK) is extended for 1 year.

24/06/14: Panagiotis Korbos (DEF, former player of Apollon Smyrnis) joins the club.

25/06/14: Simo Rouboulakou (DEF, former player of PAS Giannina) joins the club.

27/06/14: Andreas Kolovouris (GK) signs for 3 years.

09/07/14: William Edjenguele (DEF) signs for 1 year. The player was part of Panetolikos’ squad from 2010-2012 and his last team was Bury FC.

09/07/14: Leandro Kappel (FWD) signs for 2 years.

11/07/14: Diego Bejarano (MID) signs for 3 years.

11/07/14: Stylianos Malezas (DEF) signs for 2 years.

16/07/14: Kevin García Martínez (DEF, also known as Kevin) signs 2 years.

12/08/14: Lucas Martín Villafáñez (MID, born 04/10/1991) signs for 2 years. The player is on loan from Independiente.

13/08/14: Contract extension (+4 years) for Stefanos Papoutsogiannopoulos (MID).

13/08/14: Contract extension (+3 years) for Georgios Mighas (FWD).

13/08/14: Contract extension (+3 years) for Nikolaos Milios (FWD).

Players Out

14/04/14: André Bikey left the club (free transfer).

15/04/14: Michail Bakakis left the club to sign with AEK FC for 3 years (free transfer).

12/05/14: Henri Camara left the club to sign with Kalloni FC (free transfer).

16/05/14: Vassilios Golias left the club (free transfer).

23/05/14: Pashalis Melissas left the club (free transfer).


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