Super League Greece
Super League Greece

Confirmed changes for roster and staff

This article is updated with all changes that take place for Panthrakikos during the summer transfer period for Season 2014-15. Our ONLY source are official press releases. You may click here if you wish to see the list of players of Panthrakikos at the end of the last season.

Since then, the following changes have been confirmed:


Players In

15/04/14: The contract of Ioannis Christou is extended until 2015.

26/04/14: The contract of Romeu Perreira is extended until 2015.

23/06/14: Vassilios Triantafyllakos (FWD, former player of Aris) signs for 2 years.

27/06/14: Guillermo Pérez Moreno (MID, former player of Veria) signs with the club.

03/07/14: Contract extension (+1 year) for Christos Tzanis (FWD).

05/07/14: Nicolas Diguiny (MID, born on 31/05/1988) signs with the club.

11/07/14: Alfredo Antonio Escobar Mejia (MID, born on 03/04/1990) signs with the club. The details of his contract are not known yet.

10/07/14: Sofyane Cherfa (DEF) returns to Panthrakikos. The player had a contract with Omonia (2011-14) and he was on a loan to Panrthrakikos in season 2012-13.

19/07/14: Daniel Márcio Fernandes (GK) signs with the club. His last team was OFI FC.

19/07/14: Nikolaos Katharios (MID) signs a 5 year contract with Olympiakos FC but he will remain part of the club for one more season (loan).

24/07/14: Nikolaos Tsoumanis (DEF) signs a 1+1 year contract. The player was playing for Aris FC last season.

11/08/14: Hakeem Ayodeji Ayodele Craig Araba (FWD, born 12/02/1991) signs with the club (no contract details).

Players Out

29/04/14: Dino Šeremet (GK) and Jordão Diogo (DEF) left the club (free transfer).

05/05/14: Christos Tzanis (FWD) and Achilleas Sarakatsanos (MID) left the club (free transfers).

13/06/14: Dimitrios Koutsopoulos (GK) left the club (free transfer).

08/07/14: Dionysios Makrydimitris (DEF) left the club (free transfer).

15/07/14: Konstantinos Triantafyllou (MID) left the club (free transfer).


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