Knock out match for the 16th club

Sometimes I am under the impression that some things can happen only in Greece. What do I mean by that? According to the domestic rules and regulations, ANY change regarding the structure of the leagues must be announced at least a year earlier. This means it CANNOT take place within the SAME season. As it turns out rules are important depending on the occasion. Over the last few days we have been witnessing a “drama” as Super League that wanted to relegate two teams at the end of this season while Football League wanted to promote three! Today, they finally decided…

We were all under the impression there were three relegation places in Super League because of the Playoff structure that was announced when Football League started. When the time came for the two leagues to validate their plans for the next season things suddenly changed. The Hellenic Football Federation is the regulatory authority but they decided not to be involved. They just asked the officials of the two leagues to come up with a solution to a problem that was not supposed to be there in the first place! I did not comment on all this sooner because it would be pointless as I would just reproduce unconfirmed scenarios. Today though was the deadline and Super League proposed (as expected) the following plan:

Places 17 and 18 from Super League 2013-14 will relegate to Football League 2014-15.

Places 1 and 2 from Football League 2013-14 will promote to Super League 2014-15

A third promotion/relegation place will be determined by a knock-out match between the sixteenth team from Super League and the third team of the Football League Playoffs.

According to this plan was not accepted at first by the officials of Football League who asked for more financial benefits. Everything was solved when Super League proposed an additional 200.000€ bonus for the team that will relegate (or fail to promote).

According to the announcement at the official webpage of the Hellenic Football Federation, the knock-out match will either take place at OAKA or, if needed, in another stadium that will be in the same distance from the venues of the two clubs involved in it.

Normally matters like this are solved before the opening of the season. Once against we are pioneers in doing things are own way. Needless to say that the relegation battle in Super League just got a new perspective as some teams may feel a bit safer while one of them (hmmm) will get a second chance for saving the season.


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