Super League Greece
Super League Greece

The Playoff Rules

When the regular season ends, teams qualified to places 2-5 will participate in Play-offs. The 4 teams will face each other in a total of 6 matches (3 at home and 3 away). The fifth team starts with 0 points. Each of the rest of the teams will start with the 1/5 of their points difference from the fifth team rounded to the nearest integer. The final placement of the teams will determine their qualification to next season of UEFA competitions:

Play-offs first place

UEFA Champions League, third qualifying round

Play-offs second place

UEFA Europa League, Play-off round

Play-offs third place

UEFA Europa League, third qualifying round

Play-offs fourth place

UEFA Europa League, second qualifying round

Rules for classification

  • Play-Off points
  • Head to head points in the the Play-Offs
  • Head to head goal difference in the Play-Offs
  • Placement in the standings in Regular Season


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