Super League Greece
Super League Greece

The calculation of Playoff points

Panathinaikos was lucky enough to see all the other participants of the Playoffs not winning yesterday. That practically meant that Panathinaikos will have a head start of 4 points in the playoffs instead of three which was expected. I am not going to confuse you with the rules for calculating the Playoff points. You may see them here if you are interested. So, let’s do the math:

  • Panathinaikos: 66pts – 48points (A.E.K.) = 18 points, devided by 5 that is 3,6 rounded to 4pts
  • PAOK: 50pts – 48 (A.E.K.) = 2 points, devided by 5 that is 0,4 rounded to 0pts
  • Atromitos: 50pts – 48 (A.E.K.) = 2 points, devided by 5 that is rounded to 0pts
  • AEK: 0pts


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