New leagues added

Three very interesting leagues are added to our betting choices this weekend with Argentina (Inicial – former Apertura), Scottish Premier League and the German Bundesliga II ready for kick off. All the previous leagues along with the French Ligue 2 and Belgium Jupiler League should be carefully watched but not included in our betting slips yet. August might be a great month for vacation, but a terrible month for betting on the early matches of any league.


Watch but do not bet

I have been watching soccer for as long as I can remember, and I have been around betting for more than a decade (thirteen years to be exact). I can promise you one thing; betting on leagues in their early stages (in August or any other month) is a waste of money. We do not need to be a nuclear scientist to understand that clubs in the first 4-5 matches of their leagues are still in preparation. We may have a clue of their abilities and potential in theory but we must be patient before placing a bet on them. I know you might think things like “there is nothing wrong in betting for fun” or “I could easily use the same money to get a drink, I was just in a mood for betting” and so on. If this is your case you are probably in the wrong website.

Entertainment and compulsive gambling

I know some of you may think that I exaggerate but please, do stop for a moment and think about it. Sports betting can be a way of entertainment when you use your knowledge and experience to make some extra money while watching your favorite sport. When a new season starts, we may have those two characteristics for the previous seasons but we need a good sample for the current season. How can anyone tell if the new players of a club have adjusted to their new team? From 4-5 friendly matches where teams practically test tactics and lineups? Where coaches and players do not care for the result? It is totally a different thing to bet on an early match of a club playing their neck for qualifying to the Groups of the Champions League (like Panathinaikos two days ago), than placing a bet on teams that can fix any bad result (or consecutive bad results) in the 30+ match days that will follow.

Money management and profit

Remember that there is a very thin line between betting for entertainment and being (or starting to become) a compulsive gambler. I know it is very difficult to understand the difference and I am not afraid to say that I have been there myself. In my first 2-3 years in sports betting I did not even know whether I was winning or losing because I did not keep a log of my bets and the money I had won or lost. One day I read an article like this and, to be honest, I just started monitoring my betting activity to prove to myself (and maybe brag to others) what a super punter I was. The result proved me wrong after only two months. I have realized ever since that money management is a key factor for betting. If you do not know whether you are having profits or losses then you are just a gambler. If you do monitor your status, then you will face the following scenarios:

  1. a)You have profit. Great! Keep up the good work and continue monitoring your bank roll. Winning streaks do not last forever so, you will know soon enough if you are on the right path.
  2. b)You have neither profit nor losses. It is definitely better that having losses but you are probably wasting time and risk money for no reason. If it is OK with you it’s fine with me! Personally I would not stop watching my favorite sport (soccer in my case), but I would surely stop betting money on it. It is pointless to risk without getting something in return.
  3. c)You will be terrified by your losses and quit sports betting. Excellent!
  4. d)You will be skeptical about your losses and you will try to find new ways to make profit. If you will fail again you will quit. Great choice!

Bet for profit not “for fun”

There are no fun bets; only matches, information and confidence. I think there is not a single soul on earth that would through money on the trash for fun. When we say bet what you can afford it does not only mean that you should not bet your bill or rent money. To my knowledge and interpretation this means that you should use part of your spare and monitored (through money management) money. When you find matches where the odds have real value you may bet.

What about you?

If this article has made you stop and think for a moment about your own approach of sports betting I will be very satisfied. Compulsive gamblers will never disappear especially nowadays with a gambling industry that can offer so many different and addicting products. However I will always consider sports betting and especially betting on soccer for myself one of the gambling products that can entertain us when we bet selectively and for profit on leagues that we have knowledge of.

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