Italy did exactly what I was expecting to see against Germany and I feel that the score (1-2) does not show what I saw in that match. The score as it was at 0-2 or something like 1-3 would be the fair outcome of this match.

I was under the impression that this roster for Germany was the best he had seen over the last decade (at least) and I was expecting them to fight more to prove it. I was very happy to see that I had overestimated them. You probably have already seen that I had placed my money on Italy, I was definitely expecting them to score first but I had the pleasure to see the match ending at 36’ after the second goal of Baloteli. At that point it was obvious Germany would need a miracle to send the match at overtime.

To be honest I felt I little sorry when the camera was focusing at the German supporters during the match. Most of them had that look on their face like they were hit by a lightning or something. As the match was progressing you could read in their eyes they had given up any hope for it. But this is the beauty of soccer. When the two teams enter a field anything can happen. If the favorites won all the matches, then it would be a boring sport and we would all make money by winning bets in ridiculous odds. Now that I think of it, that last statement is not true because we would not have any bookmakers at all.

I really wonder what the German press will write now that one of the P.I.I.G.S. won the Nationalmannschaft so easily. I also wonder how come Mrs. Merkel did not attend this match. I guess she was considering Greece to be the most dangerous of the P.I.I.G.S. WRONG!

I feel the need to thank the Italians for punishing them for their arrogance. It is obvious that the German coach and his players failed to reach the expectations of this match; otherwise we would have seen them fighting for the result. On the contrary, Germany proved that they were not ready to face the first worthy opponent in their path. By all means, I do not want to insult our team, Greece, or Portugal, Denmark and Holland. All I am saying is the Italians have proved to be more dangerous in offense despite their defensive style than these teams.

Thumbs up for 33 year old Pirlo who reminded the world (and FC Milan) that quality and experience overcomes age. Thumbs up for 21 year old Balotelli who decided to concentrate and use his talent in the most important match of his team. His two goals ensured that Italy will have their chance to win the competition against Spain. It is a final and everything is possible but I doubt the Spanish side and their coach will be as naive as the Germans.


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