The Euro 2012 competition ends today with a great match. Only a quick look at the rosters of both teams will be enough to convince us.

From what I have seen so far there is a tendency from the vast majority of punters to bet on the win of Spain. It is the first time that we have seen Spain in odds around 2.10-2.20 but I have no faith in them. The winners of the Euro 2008 and World Cup 2010 have the motive to win this match only because they will be the first team to win three consecutive competitions. But is this enough?

I feel the Italians are more “hungry” for this cup. We saw in their opening they took the lead in the score but Spain managed to score only five minutes later. However this was the beginning of the tournament. Things are far more different now in this single shot for winning the Euro Competition. Italy has surprised us all; especially in the matches against England and Germany where they clearly showed that they are not the team we knew. They have kept their defensive style but they are far more dangerous in offense than they used to be.

I am always looking for value in my bets and I believe the Italian side has more motivation for the win in this match. I will say it once again; Spain is not the team we knew so far. Of course they are talented, I am not crazy, I can see it. However I feel that they are predictable and I am sure the Italian defense can hold. And not only that, they can score too! It will be difficult to see Spain in these odds again but the value in this match is on the win of Italy @ 4.38. The HT/FT bet Draw/Italy @ 8.20 is also interesting.


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