The final is over and Spain won the Euro 2012 Competition easier than expected. The result was a combination of many things, most of them bad for Italy. Spain seemed more determined although they were after their third consecutive cup in a major competition. I expected the Italian side to show that attitude but how could they? They were unlucky enough to receive a goal early in the match. They tried to react but Spain had the experience and the morale to score another one before half time. Nothing worked for coach Prandelli who saw his plans changing not only by the goals but also by the injuries of Chiellini and Thiago Motta. Motta was unlucky enough to be the third substitution and when he was injured he left Italy with ten players.

There is no way for anyone to convince me Italy deserved that score. It is more likely they had their worst performance in the most important match of the competition. At the same time Spain had their best performance and showed up determined not only for their third consecutive major cup but for an emphatic win. This was the first final that ended in such a high score and Spain will be remembered for that. In ten or twenty years only a few of us will remember what happened in that match. The score though will still be there.

I must say that I did not expect the Spanish team to go after such a high score. There are times in soccer when maybe some respect should be shown. If this match was the other way around, that is 2-0 for Italy and Spain having to continue the match with a man down and devastated, I am sure Italy would have found the way to stop there.

I admit that it is wonderful to see the players of Spain showing their talent especially in overcrowded situations with 7-8 players going after the ball. Yeah, maybe I will need a replay to understand what really happened. But please, I have had enough with that passing game than sometimes makes me want to sleep. It is a personal opinion, but if they cannot use all this talent to respect a great opponent when needed, then I am sorry but I do not want to see them in a final again.

To conclude, I must say thumbs up for Spain for proving they are a worthy champion of this competition. Thumbs down for Torres and Mata for showing so eager to cooperate on the fourth goal over an opponent that had surrendered. Spain was already the winner of the match and they reacted like they had scored the winning goal on a victory with 1-0. People say what goes around comes around, and I would definitely like to see it work on those two.


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