A few words about Socceranalysis.gr

The idea of this website was born back in 2003. At that time I was first involved in a Greek webpage (which no longer exists) discovering the magic world of the internet.

My main problem at that time was finding punters that could give me the local view in championships that may not be as popular as the English Premiership or the Spanish Primera Division.

In 2004 I decided to make my first personal webpage (greeksoccertips [dot] gr – not .com or anything that followed) and I realized very soon that there were a lot of people like me out there, on a constant search for local information. It was amazing to see how popular this page became in only a few months.

Unfortunately, I had to let it go almost a year later; the whole effort was time consuming and the website had become popular enough to generate new expenses. Many of the bookmakers at that time contacted me for advertising purposes. Unfortunately, the Internet legislation in Greece was vague back then; betting was monopolized by the local bookmaker, so generating revenues by ads from foreign bookies was against the law. I was not experienced enough to handle the situation wisely and I decided to abandon my efforts.

Recently, I found out that given the visitor statistics of that time, maybe I have done a huge mistake. So, here I am again, launching Soccer Analysis which I hope it will become a helpful tool for those who are interested in Greek soccer matches. Most of the information you will find inside is generated automatically but you will also find my thoughts for the matches in articles. Also, in Today’s Picks you will be able to see my previews all major leagues.

I really hope that you will find this website useful, and I would highly appreciate your comments (positive or negative) for your first impression of it.

BE[s]T Regards,

P.S.: Please do not forget to read our terms of use.


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